The Gap

The Gap Drop-In Centre 

The Gap was opened in May 2009 after a period of 6-months prayer and preparation. The stated aims of The Gap include our desire to reflect..

  • the personal engagement with community modelled by Jesus Christ in His earthly ministry.
  • the caring, non-judgmental community and ministry that exists in the local churches.


The Gap aims to provide opportunities to interact with members of the local community and, where possible, to provide appropriate material support.  It fulfils a unique role within the local community because:

  • It is the only visible face of the church inter-acting with the local community
  • It is the only ‘neutral venue’ where churches show the love of Christ and meet with people who are unlikely to cross the threshold of any established church
  • It is the only inter-denominational venue with a specific missional aim
  • It provides a caring, non-judgmental, listening atmosphere where volunteers listen and encourage self-confidence and self-esteem in their customers; no other venue interacts with its clientele in conversation
  • It is the only venue which supplies free tea, coffee and toast/biscuits
  • It provides emotional and material support e.g. NIE vouchers, emergency food supplies
  • When funds allow, we provide material support to Triangle Housing Association, for their clients who are in an emergency re-housing situation.  Each Christmas we supply them with Christmas Grocery Boxes for vulnerable clients. 

The Gap is open daily from 10am to 12pm and has a rota of 10 regular volunteers from all the local churches.  We have a range of ‘customers’ ranging from the lonely to those with addictions of various kinds.  It is a small but, we believe, very significant work and regular customers report that they ‘would be lost without us’

Hazelbank Presbyterian Church

Hazelbank Road, Coleraine, Northern Ireland


tel: (028) 7034 4266

Registered Charity in Northern Ireland (NIC105540)