Praise Team 2

The Orchestra

The orchestra play on family services (once a month). This is open to any instrumentalists of any standard with parts suited to the ability of the players. This allows our primary school children the opportunity to get involved with the praise in the congregation, playing alongside older members of the church. This is a lovely group which really mirrors the family nature of Hazelbank. Practices are not regular so email for more information.

The Choir

The choir take part in special services throughout the year. Practices are seasonal. We are a very relaxed group and welcome members of all ages. It would be fantastic to see some more people getting involved in this area of ministry. Again, email for more information.

The Praise Group

The praise group (which is not a set group but rather a melange of people from week to week) lead the praise every Sunday morning. It is made up of both singers and instrumental players. We practice at 10am on Sunday mornings (before the morning service).

So, that’s a little snapshot into praise in Hazelbank. We’d love to see more people getting involved. We also are grateful to those who are involved in the sound and the visuals for the services. If anyone would like to know more or be involved in any way, please email our Praise Co-Ordinator, Naomi:

To God be the glory!

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