Womens Fellowship

Womens Fellowship

Presbyterian Women

As an enrolled member or an occasional visitor, you are assured of a warm welcome and an interesting programme.

Our Theme for 2016-2016 is...'This is the day', based on Zephaniah 3:5, which says ‘…every new day He does not fail.’

All meetings 8:00-9:00pm and supper 9:00-9:30pm, unless stated.

14th Sept

'The Gift of Love'

Dr Deirdre Mullan.

12th Oct

'Love: Human and Divine'

Fun 'Mr & Mrs' Quiz Night

Plus meditition on our relationship with the Lord.

9th Nov

'Love expressed through the written word'

Mr Jim Flanagan will speak about The Gideons work in our local area.

14th Dec

'The Christmas Love-Gift'

Meditition on the Christmas Story.

8th Feb

Movie Night: 'Love in Action'

Also our Missionary Gift Night.


Ladies Breakfast at the Lodge Hotel

9:00am-12pm Ticketed Event

14th Mar

'Love expressed through caring hands'

Mrs Lorna Nevin on Macmillan Nurses' work.

20th Mar

PW Sunday - 'Here is love ...inaction'

Deaconess Michelle Purdy from 1st Ballyclare.

Hazelbank Presbyterian Church

Hazelbank Road, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

email: Hazelbankchurch@gmail.com

tel: (028) 7034 4266

Registered Charity in Northern Ireland (NIC105540)